We are committed to working closely our members as this is how we achieve the best results for them.

"Friendly, responsive, creative, and diligent. Can't imagine a busy lifestyle without this service"

- Private Investor, San Francisco

"In today's competitive business environment, getting a reservation at any steakhouse on a Tuesday night is not going to entice a new client. Calling on Thursday and getting a table at the most popular Japanese restaurant places a salesman on an entirely different plane. The ability to get things done when and where a client wants it separates me from the rest of the pack. Insider has been an integral part of this strategy"

- Senior Vice President, Jefferies & Co.

"The ultimate of being successful is the luxury of giving yourself the time to do what you want to do. In today's world, finding that time is hard to do. Insider helps me discover new things and do all the things I wish to do. Thank you to the team at Insider!"

- Mother of two

"Insider arranged the perfect anniversary trip to Paris. The Insider It-Guide to Paris made me feel like I had a native Parisian as my guide."

- Investment Manager, Entrust Capital

"I use Insider daily for business and personal needs and they’ve never let me down."

- NBA Agent

"Insider has saved many hours in my busy schedule by helping me entertain clients and friends at the top restaurants and night clubs in New York. They’ve also been a saving grace by providing me with the best gift suggestions for my family and friends"

- President, Kent Realty

"Insider ranks with one of the best investment decisions I've made since starting my firm. My time is everything to me and choosing to partner with Lindsi and her girls is a commitment to maximizing the usefulness and enjoyment of that time. They do the things you could do, or think you could do, but they do it faster and better. An Insider hour is equivalent to three of mine. More than a reliable aide, Insider becomes your daily sidekick"

- Founder/Managing Member, Hedge Fund

As a banker based in Los Angeles who is often on the road, I rarely have time to arrange my personal life. When planning my girlfriend’s birthday in San Francisco, Insider sent me several interesting suggestions. I told them what my girlfriend likes, but was surprised to receive such appropriate recommendations--everything from a scavenger hunt based on locations from her favorite movies to a historic walking tour of Pacific Heights topped off by afternoon tea. I count on them to keep me plugged-in on L.A.’s hot-spots. And the brownies they sent our office were heavenly!

- Associate, Investment Bank