With backgrounds as diverse as our members' needs, the Insider management team offers an unmatched mix of expertise and connections across client services, dining, luxury goods, travel, entertainment, event planning, music and fashion.

Lindsi Shine, Chief Executive Officer

A proud Hoosier by birth but with a hunger for bigger adventures, Lindsi headed west from her home state of Indiana to attend UCLA, where she earned a degree in women's studies. She went on to work for the agents of athletes Shaquille O'Neal and Oscar De La Hoya. But having failed to discover her inner Jerry Maguire, she decided to move on. During subsequent stints in the dot.com world, the music industry and then back in sports, she built a fiercely strong network.

After heading to NYC, Lindsi's desire to develop her own niche inspired her to launch Insider in 2003. Loyal, savvy and ultracompetitive (she never takes "no" for an answer), she excels at finding resourceful ways to make things happen with style and ease. Outside of work, Lindsi is often mistaken for a dog walker — must have something to do with trotting her and her husband's three dogs around town…

Heather Ramin, President

After growing up in Iowa and receiving a business degree from the University of Iowa, Heather headed to the East Coast. Working in the fashion industry honed her savvy and resourcefulness — qualities that she brought to Insider soon after its launch. She has a passion for world travel, but also counts herself lucky to come home to the food mecca that is NYC.

Heather's favorite parts of the day: her morning walk to work (coffee in hand) and dinner with her husband (dirty martini in hand). Her favorite Insider task: planning travel and food itineraries for clients. In addition to her appetite for learning, Heather's organizational skills and Midwestern values help her thrive under pressure while building and managing Insider's extraordinary concierge team with grace.

Sarah Tredwell, Chief Operating Officer

A New Jersey native and graduate of Northwestern University's highly esteemed Medill School of Journalism, Sarah worked for The News with Brian Williams on MSNBC and as a general-assignment reporter for Fox News in Fargo, ND, before finding her way to Insider. She soon learned that life as a concierge had many parallels to that of a journalist, and, just as in the newsroom, the day-to-day at Insider is dynamic and the challenges are always evolving.

In NYC, Sarah also found an outlet for her love for all things food-related: Exploring the city's newest culinary establishments is one of her favorite parts of the job. Aside from dining out, she loves to spend her downtime traveling, snowboarding, binge-watching TV series and occasionally escaping the chaos of the city by spending weekends with her husband and dog upstate.

Kristen Doghramji, Director of Account Management

Kristen's been with Insider since 2012 — and has held onto some of the same clients from her very first days here. Or, we should say, they've held on to her. They know from experience that they'll have her full attention and commitment, and she will do whatever it takes to deliver what they need. 

Her packed social calendar, all-black-all-the-time fashion sense, and quick-witted sarcasm bely a deadly serious reformed poli sci major with an unflinching focus on success. She exhibits that zeal at work and play, from getting clients access to the most exclusive event in the city to trying out every new nightspot around (sometimes seven nights a week). In fact, when we're trying to get our first look at the latest can't-miss destination, chances are Kristen's already been there -twice.


Courtney has always been an NYC kind of gal. While growing up in Scarsdale, NY, she often made the short trip into Manhattan to experience the city's charms. She spent her college years at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, where she earned a bachelor of business administration from the School of Business. During a study abroad program in Rome, she traveled all over Europe and into Africa. (Favorite city: Marrakech, Morocco.)  

After graduating from college, Courtney moved back to the area and landed a job in PR. She joined Insider in 2012 — and given her love for fashion, shopping and trying new restaurants, she's been the perfect fit. Among her specialties here: setting up private events and parties (particularly kids' birthday parties). Courtney lives in Long Island City, where she relishes her view of the Manhattan skyline.


Katie couri, Senior ACCOUNT Executive

Katie's affinity for NYC dates back to her childhood in Bergen County, New Jersey. She spent her college years upstate studying hospitality management and tourism at Syracuse University. After graduation, she pursued a culinary career and earned a diploma in pastry and baking arts from Manhattan's Institute of Culinary Education.

Katie's work as a pastry chef magnified her passion for NYC dining and brought her keen insights into a restaurant's front and back of the house. As her colleagues, we can say her natural sweetness must have preceded her schooling. She infuses the office with kindness every day.

When Katie is not recipe-testing in her apartment or cheering on the 'Cuse men's basketball team, you can find her searching Instagram for the best burger in NYC or indulging her love of tequila. Her favorite tasks at Insider include recommending restaurants, putting together gift suggestions and keeping up with the latest food trends.

Lena Phillips, Account Manager

Hailing from Allentown, Pennsylvania, Lena grew up in a huge Greek family. Her dad, who lived on the UWS, introduced her to the wonders of Manhattan early on via Yankee games, tiny, hidden restaurants, Broadway shows and explorations of Central Park. 

Always drawn to competition and athletics, Lena played field hockey at Northwestern University, where her team won two Big Ten titles. She studied psychology and communications, which gave her a deep appreciation for working and communicating with all types of people in a team-oriented capacity. That, along her with infectiously positive attitude, makes her a perfect fit for Insider's collaborative office environment.

An explorer with a knack for creating memorable experiences, Lena loves that no two days at Insider are ever the same. Outside of work, she can be found watching Game of Thrones, running in Central Park or trying out challenging poses at yoga. She cherishes time with her friends, family and coworkers, but loves the opportunities Insider offers for meeting new people every day.

Mckenzie Scofes, ACCOUNT MANAGER

A Midwestern girl at heart, McKenzie left her beloved Michigan and headed south for college, studying sports broadcasting and media at the University of Alabama. From working the sidelines with ESPN to hosting her own tailgating show, "Taste of Town," she managed to explore her passions as a sports fanatic and a foodie during college. Her enthusiasm surely contributed to the school's two national championships in her four years there (Roll Tide!).

After making her mark as a project manager on a video album, McKenzie left the music world and found her way to Insider, where her favorite tasks are researching the hottest travel destinations, gift suggestions, and exploring the city for new places to recommend to clients. She loves traveling and photography, which is evident in her lifestyle website. You'll rarely see her without an iced coffee in hand — until it's time for champagne. 


Jenna Thompson, Account Manager

Coming of age in the Boston area primed Jenna for the brighter lights of NYC. Along the way, she earned a degree in marketing with a minor in multimedia authoring from North Carolina's Elon University. Never missing an opportunity to broaden her horizons, she spent a semester in Western Australia, refining her palate at the wineries of Margaret River.

Jenna has a work-hard, play-hard approach to living that's a great fit for the city and Insider in particular. If there's a premier fashion event or posh restaurant opening anywhere near Manhattan, she'll be at the best table in the house with friends or colleagues in tow.

Jenna's passion for design, shopping and finding hidden gems makes a day at the office more like play, and she approaches the toughest challenges with such enthusiasm, it really doesn't look like work at all. When she's not booking fabulous getaways for her clients, she loves indulging in music, food, culture and travel herself, with Barcelona her favorite destination (so far). 

Chase b + w.jpg


An Atlanta native, Chase studied tourism, hospitality and event management at Indiana University (Go Hoosiers!). She took her major so seriously that she jetted off to Florence for a semester and spent every spare moment soaking up the culture in countries across the continent.

Her experiences abroad affirmed Chase’s desire to share her love of travel. Long before graduation, she set her sights on the NYC skyline. In fact, she had her bags packed and ticket ready before she even had her diploma in hand.

When she’s not directing clients to their dream vacation or orchestrating the perfect NYC birthday party, you’ll find Chase working up a sweat at Orangetheory or rewarding herself with sushi, her favorite.

hannah b + w.jpg


Hannah hails from the suburbs of Philly. She always marveled at the thought of life in NYC — especially after going to college at Tulane University in New Orleans, when she got hooked on living an out-loud, jazzed-up, colorful existence.

Complementing her zest for urban life were Hannah's experiences studying abroad in Madrid. Her poor Spanish-speaking skills were a blessing in disguise, frequently leaving her lost somewhere in the city to discover the most incredible hidden gems.

Her sense of adventure has only expanded since those days. She loves checking out happy hours, comedy clubs and Broadway's offerings, and exploring the city to discover her next favorite thing.


Our adventure-seeking assistant account manager has fearlessly explored the jungles of Central America, dived in the turquoise blue waters of the Great Barrier Reef and come up for air to feast on homemade carbonara in Rome.

We are grateful every day that Brynne moved on from teaching in a Manhattan elementary school to join our team. Her experience in the classroom prepared her well. Even when our clients and team members act like children (No! Of course we're not talking about you!), they are no match for 30 wild eight-year-olds.

When not serving our clients, this Missouri native takes frequent recess breaks to explore her new favorite place: New York City. She enjoys exploring different neighborhoods to discover restaurants and check out comedy clubs.

Nora 2.jpg


Nora grew up mere miles from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. So it only makes sense that she resides in Brooklyn, the borough that has launched thousands of rock bands over the years.

As a child, Nora dreamed of a life on the stage. She spent her high school years starring in school plays before leaving home to pursue a degree in theater and arts management at nearby Baldwin Wallace University.

Today when Nora is not directing traffic for our own office stars, she spends her time directing local theater. But thanks to her Midwestern roots, she knows how to leave the drama on the stage. If you happen to come by the office, be sure to bring Nora a bagel: She's on the hunt for the best one in the city.

Spencer 2.jpg


Spencer is our resident world traveler — and in-house Broadway veteran. His talents have taken him across Europe, Asia, South America and Alaska, and he recently finished an 11-year run in the hit Broadway musical "Wicked," including four years with the show's national tour.

Spencer's globetrotting nurtured a passion for all things travel, and a real appreciation for five-star hotels. He is forever telling his coworkers that a hotel isn't just a bed to sleep in, but rather a travel experience in its own right to be relished from start to finish.

In his downtime, Spencer enjoys sampling menus at the hottest new dining destinations, then sweating out those experiences on the tennis court or at the gym. (He even co-teaches fitness classes with his husband.) He adores snuggling his chihuahua Roxy, perfecting his Instagram selfie and planning his (and your) next ultimate getaway!

Lilly 2.jpg


Lilly is an Alabama belle now in a New York state of mind. A recent graduate of New York University with a degree in hotel and tourism management, she brings her passion for travel and homegrown southern hospitality to our office every day. And Insider is better for it!

Lilly spent her freshman year of college abroad in Paris and still enjoys working on her French. When not scouring sample sales or traveling the world (her three favorite destinations: Amsterdam, the Bahamas and Tokyo), she can often be found camped out with her favorite guilty pleasure: reality TV.



Dru is a born lifestyle management pro: At the tender age of 12, she cast aside her given name (Tara) in favor of one she felt suited her better — Dru, after Drucilla of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" fame.

Born in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Dru earned dual bachelor's degrees in music and business administration at Appalachian State University. She went on to apply her business skills as a reality TV production accountant on "Love & Hip Hop" and "Southern Charm." Interests she has picked up along the way include Bollywood dancing, steel drums, happy hour and dog sitting.

Dru came to NYC as a full-on New Yorker, leaning on the U-Haul horn all the way across the GW Bridge. (Rumor has it she's since sharpened her driving skills on the Autobahn in Germany.) She's been spotted dancing on the tables in a dirndl at Munich's Oktoberfest and, closer to home, sipping Moscow mules and taking in the scene at Bryant Park. 








Office morale (the FIVE pups)

Each of our canine counterparts brings something different to the office dynamic. 

Eloise, our matriarch, spends time contemplating the meaning of life from her cardboard-box throne. We love her butter eyes, fierce devotion and commitment (she shows up for work every day). If you see someone parading past on all fours, pretending he's not dying for your attention, that's Angus. His idea of meeting a deadline is getting every staff member to play with him at least once before lunch. Finally, there's Molly, Misha & Maddie, our part-time pups. Molly raises everyone's spirits with her bursts of frenetic energy. Maddie is our resident office foodie-dog & a 5 pound force with begging eyes that will win you over until she steals a bite of your lunch. And don’t be fooled by Misha, our resident 100-pound German Shepherd who makes her presence known to all who come to the door – she really is a softy at heart and if you break out a ball will be your best friend for days.

Together, these five pups exemplify the concept of company loyalty. Our work culture wouldn't be the same without them.